Thursday, May 15, 2008

NIN: The Slip 24/96 Update

Nine Inch Nails is now offering two updated 24bit/96k versions of The Slip--for free, of course--Thanks, Trent!

The two waveforms below show the same 10 seconds of the same track on two different versions of the album:

44.1 kHz 16-bit
Track: 10 Demon Seed
passage: 3 min 50 s - 4 min 00 s

96 kHz 24-bit
Track: 09 The Four of Us are Dying
passage: 3 min 50 s - 4 min 00 s

The original 24/96 wav download had issues with bit-depth, clipping, over-compression, playback speed and track naming. Some guys on the hydrogenaudio forum found the errors, and after word got back the NIN camp, Trent followed up with this post:

Thanks for the heads up regarding this matter. The corrected files are now posted on our site and if you re-download them they will be the correct ones.
What happened? We mastered this on Friday (5/2) and released it Sunday night. The files went right from mastering to the server without the proper scrutiny (aside from a cursory listen for errors). The last two songs were different because they were redone due to an audible error we did find.
Bottom line: some sort of mastering shenanigans took place.
In addition, there are now 24/96 FLAC files as well as wave files.

BTW, the record was recorded at 24/96 using a Lavry AD122-96MKIII, Antelope's Isochrone OCX clock and mixed in analog through the SSL AWS 900+. We mixed back into Pro Tools through the Lavry as well as a separate rig running at 24/192 using Apogee A/D. The mixes we chose varied song to song based on what sounded best to us.

Trent Reznor
Pretty cool response. It's amazing how fast the whole album came together, including the mastering. Download the new 24/96 wav + flac versions now at

[via nin + Alex B + hydrogenaudio]

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