Tuesday, July 8, 2008

NIN Google Earth: In The Drain Pipe

What a night! Last night I read about some crazy NIN Google Earth geocache adventure where a lucky fan found a pass to a private dress rehearsal NIN concert scheduled for next week before the upcoming Lights In The Sky tour.

The Nine Inch Nails Google Earth map shows all the announced tour dates and updates them automatically. Download it at tour.nin.com. It updated on the 4th of July with a "?" in Burbank and the words "Under the rock."

After I got home tonight, I pulled up the NIN KML on Google Earth to see if there was another question mark. Nothing. An hour or two later, I refreshed Google Earth and found a new "?" and "In the drain pipe."

Holy shit! I told my brother Mark to grab his laptop and some shoes. I found the two intersecting streets nearest to the prize on the map, and he wrote them down. I couldn't find a flashlight fast enough. We took off.

Jumped in the car. Mark programmed the intersection in the car's GPS. It was less than 15 minutes away in Griffith Park. We raced down there, each of us with a laptop on our lap. Mark scanned the map to see if there was a closer place to park, and there was. We followed the GPS to the spot and parked. There was already a car there with a NIN sticker. Shit!

We parked, jumped out of the car and ran. We squeezed in next to the park's closed gate and ran down the path up the hill. We saw a couple people walking toward us. We asked, "Did you find it? Did you find it?" They said, "Yeah."

We kept running. We had to find the drain pipe even if we were too late. I found a fire hydrant. No drain pipe. I lost Mark for a minute while he kept running. I got to a point where I could either turn right or keep going straight up the hill. I took the right.

Kept running. Getting tired. I called out for my brother, not knowing which way he went. He heard me and came down to where I was, and we found a pipe. No drain. Keep running!

We took off again. Mark flew past me with a crazy burst of energy. Soon after, he slowed down at a turn in the path. There was a ditch. Was this the spot?

I jumped down in the ditch, not knowing how far I'd fall or what I'd be landing in. Twigs and dirt. I couldn't see a thing, so I asked Mark to face the MacBook Pro toward me for light.

There was a drain! The drain pipe!

I broke out my cell phone to use as a flashlight to see inside. There were two rocks in there... and a white envelope with a "?" written on it! I reached in past the rocks, grabbed the prize and pulled it out.

I couldn't believe it. We found it!

This was just the beginning... Read Part 2 here...


  1. Hey, it's Requiem, the 'under the rock' guy. Looks to be some insanely fun shit. Get some pics of your letter/pass up. Did you email the events email yet? Same response as my friend got?

  2. we'll put up a pic of the pass in the morning after we photoshop out the email address. i emailed them but no response yet. i'm exhausted. excited. craziness!

  3. I'm so excited, but I always worry about these things. What if they forget to call us! What if they got the info wrong? What if?! ahh! I just want it to be the 19th already!

  4. 19th? that's only 3 days before we meet up in seattle... grrr! i wish i could go with you! lucky guy...

  5. Nice find, man. Maybe there'll be another underground video of the experience?