Thursday, December 4, 2008

Open Reel Ensemble + Crab Feet

The Open Reel Ensemble scratches 4 reel-to-reel analog tape recorders to make some really cool music.

They hook up a keyboard, microphones, computers loaded with Max/MSP, USB interfaces, lights and solenoids to old-school reel-to-reel decks and mic the strange sounds of their voices, singing bowls and tabla.

Hacked reel-to-reel setup.

Open Reel Ensemble:

Ei Wada : Concepter, Circuit, Sound Composition
Kimitoshi Sato:Programing, Sound Design, Poster Design
Ren Yamashita:Circuit, Craft
Sayu Okano:Assistant
Takuya Asakura:Craft
More info - pics + mp3 audio of Open Reel Ensemble performances

Ei Wada [AKA Crab Feet] has a bunch of wacky musical experiments on his youtube [garudagroove] - blog [] + portfolio.

This Crab Feet "Coolas Haderach" video above looks like they're sucking and blowing water through tubes to manipulate the sound. Definitely PFU.

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