Thursday, March 5, 2009

TJ Milian "The Beginning" Glitch Concert Photos

my first solo concert on saturday night was a blast!

28 february 2009

de:construction at glitch bar & cinema
in north fitzroy, melbourne, australia

the night really meant a lot to me. it fulfilled part of a dream i had 13 years ago: to begin to tell the story of my life and dreams.

before the beginning
the beginning
what do you want to be?
laser blast
wake up dreams
i will

plan b zero eurorack modular synth [module list soon]
macbook pro 2.53ghz
ableton live 7
livid union 2.5
soundtoys echoboy
livid instruments ohm wood
novation remote 25sl
korg kaoss kp3
korg nanopad black
bleep labs thingamagoop
motu ultralite-mk3
lacie rugged 320gb 7200rpm
3 circuit bent toy laser guns
zac keiller's guitar
boss ds-1
shure sm57

de:construction artists:
zac keiller
tj milian
abre ojos
electronic shaman

it was an honor and a pleasure to play with such unique and talented artists. the all-in jam at the end was great!

thanks to all who helped make the show a reality: my family and friends, the de:constuction artists, especially abre ojos for setting up the gig, essylt for the pics, everyone who helped with gear and software at the last minute, everyone who made it to the show, everyone who spread the word, so many to thank...

thank you!

this is the beginning... and there's much more to come...


  1. Really cool, Tj! Glad it went so well for you.
    The blur works for the last photo of you with a red,glowing device in hand. :)