Saturday, December 26, 2009

Thessia Machado LINK: Interference - Synf + Pluck

Thessia Machado's interesting instruments:

interference from link.

Interference is an interactive sculpture/instrument made with harvested electronic parts. You can modulate both the sounds and the images by shading the light on the photocells. The lcd screen (from a discarded pda) is excited directly by the voltage output from the oscillator.

synf from link.

Synf is an analog synth (quad nand and divider chip) with built-in amp circuit.

Pluck or dot matrix space resonator is a 6-string, custom-built, self-playing instrument. Each string is tuned to a frequency value corresponding to the area of each room in a NY apartment. For example: 172 square feet = 172 Hz. The strings are plucked in a rhythm based on the pattern of freckles on the artist's torso using the principle of the player piano. This assembly is mounted directly on the wall, making the room itself part of an instrument that resonates the tones of another space. In this process, the host space adds its own harmonic stamp to the sound.


  1. the link above doesn't seem to work. please try this one (for some reason the flash movies don't play if the www is not there):

    and thank you for posting my work!!

  2. HI, I' m Jorge from Argentina. Wow! I'm shocked by the coincidence. It's very similar to an object I've made (at least on its essence):

    I didn't know the work of Thessia. Incredible Artist! Thanks!

  3. hi jorge, very nice. i just checked it out and put up a post of your work here.