Saturday, December 26, 2009

Thessia Machado LINK: Interference - Synf + Pluck

Thessia Machado's interesting instruments:

interference from link.

Interference is an interactive sculpture/instrument made with harvested electronic parts. You can modulate both the sounds and the images by shading the light on the photocells. The lcd screen (from a discarded pda) is excited directly by the voltage output from the oscillator.

synf from link.

Synf is an analog synth (quad nand and divider chip) with built-in amp circuit.

Pluck or dot matrix space resonator is a 6-string, custom-built, self-playing instrument. Each string is tuned to a frequency value corresponding to the area of each room in a NY apartment. For example: 172 square feet = 172 Hz. The strings are plucked in a rhythm based on the pattern of freckles on the artist's torso using the principle of the player piano. This assembly is mounted directly on the wall, making the room itself part of an instrument that resonates the tones of another space. In this process, the host space adds its own harmonic stamp to the sound.

Machines + The Crowd

Machines from Mayye Zayed.

"This video is a part of "FUTUREيA" project as a result of the interactive video workshop lead by Renaud Vercey and Bruno Voillot with the help of Mohamed Youssef that took place at the French Cultural center of Alexandria in December 2009.

The workshop's theme was Memory and Futurism and about the creation of a interactive DVD dealing with the aesthetics of futurism within the city of Alexandria. The event was in the frame of 22° INSTANTS VIDEO Festival 2009 and RAMI."

Filmed by Mona Mahfouz
Edited by Mayye Zayed

More details:

The Crowd from Mayye Zayed.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Euphony Interactive Generative Music Installation

Euphony - An Interactive Generative Music Installation from Sumit Pandey.

Euphony is an interactive generative music installation that creates sound and ambient melodies based on the webcam detection of the movement and density of people in an open space.

Built Ben Fry and Casey Reas with Processing using the Flob library for movement and density tracking. Sounds by Hans Kuder's Tiction 0.4 freeware nodal sequencer to generate music via MIDI instruments.

Video by Sumit Pandey and Anuradha Reddy at the National Institute of Design, Kala Academy in Goa, India.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Underwater Volcano Eruption Video

Underwater volcanic lava eruption
youtube video
via DiscoveryNetworks

Make Noise ¡Access Denied!

The Make Noise ¡Access Denied! is an upcoming matrix sequencer with touch plate input built for modular synths in the Eurorack format.

I've been wanting to add a touch panel to my synth rig for some time so I'm very much looking forward to the release of this one.

via analoguehaven

Monday, December 14, 2009


Introduction to Cue-bert from Noah Liebman.

Cue-bert is a mixing console concept developed by the Sound Experience Team at the University of Michigan School of Information for the Interface and Interaction Design course.

The Cue-bert mixer is a hybrid of a multi-touch screen interface and a traditional analog style mixing surface with faders, buttons and knobs. The user interface design is geared toward live sound reinforcement with an emphasis on sound for musical theater. The prototype is based on the 32x8 Tascam M3700 console.

What's the next step in the future of mixers?

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Underwater Music Festival

The 25th Annual Underwater Music Festival in the Florida Keys at Looe Key National Marine Sanctuary, 6 miles south of Big Pine Key in the summer of 2009.

A Beatles tribute band consisting of the submerged Fab Four of “Ringo Starfish,” “John Lemon-shark,” “Paul McCarpney” and “George Herringson,” accompanied by backup singer “Mako Ono,” rocked the Yellow Submarine in the waters of the only living coral barrier reef in the continental United States last year.

The festival was founded by radio newsman Bill Becker. Local radio station WWUS 104.1 FM stages the event for Scuba divers and snorkelers who want to add a little music to their underwater adventures.

Florida Keys artist August Powers has sculpted a variety of aquatic musical instruments, including sea guitars, keyboards, clambourines, manta-lin, the drumfish, the sea-phan flute and the Fluke-a-Lele.

Underwater speakers were donated by Lubell Laboratories based in Columbus, Ohio. The speakers are suspended from boats to audibly reproduce the symphony under the sea.

I wonder what the fish think...

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Skinny Puppy + Baseck @ Club Nokia LA

Skinny Puppy played a killer concert at Club Nokia in LA Thursday night.

This was Skinny Puppy back as a raw 3-piece band: Ogre - cEvin Key + Justin Bennett on drums. It was the last night of the In Solvent See tour, and Ogre took his aggressions out on the stage props at the end of the show.

The industrial pioneers tore through a great set list spanning a major chunk of their 25-year-plus career. It was a good mix of the old classics + new favorites. They dug deep into the catalog and played some really cool songs I hadn't heard live before.

Ogre was in true form on the mic and in his theatrical stage presence. His white costume was camouflaged at times like a cool screen for the projected visuals covering the stage. cEvin Key rocked Roland JP-8000 + V-Synth keyboards along with drum pads and a couple Logic laptops. Justin Bennett was awesome on Tama drums.

Baseck was the first opening act. I'd seen the tail end of the opening set he played before Otto von Schirach a while back and was hoping to catch of full set of his someday. It was a welcome surprise to find him opening for Skinny Puppy when we got there.

Baseck was on fire Thursday night, screaming into the mic, mad scratching on the turntable, chiptuning tricked out Game Boys and freaking out on a bunch of noise toys:

2 x game boy colors w/ prosound mod
4 x jose torres bleep bloop non usb white cartridges running little sound dj
2 x loud objects noise toy
1 x bug brand board weevil
1 x ipod beatz drum machine
1 x vestax pdx 2300 mk2 turntable
1 x rane ttm 56 mixer

The second act was Vverevvolf Grehv, which apparently is the solo project of one of the guys from the Faint. I couldn't get into it. Dude could play, and he had a sweet PRS guitar, but it came across as too wankfest. I'm thinking a band to back him up would have made a big difference.

We got to meet Ogre - cEvin Key + Justin Bennett at the after show party. The Skinny Puppy band members were in celebration mode, having just finished the tour on a real high note, and were super cool.

Danny Carey + John Frusciante were at the show, too. Good times.

Skywalker Ranch

Skywalker Ranch from Philip Bloom.

Skywalker Ranch filmed by Philip Bloom on Canon 5DmkII conformed to 24p + Canon 7D shooting native 24p. Timelapse done using stills.

Skywalker Ranch is the 4,000 acre working ranch that houses the headquarters for George Lucas's Lucasfilm and Skywalker Sound.

Music: Venus by Gustav Holst.

Visit Philip Bloom's blog for details on the production of this beautiful video.

via Unidentified Sound Object

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Abbey Road Native Instruments

Native Instruments and Abbey Road Studios have partnered up to create an upcoming line of software instruments that capture the Abbey Road sound.

Abbey Road Studios youtube video tour courtesy NativeInstruments.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Korntved R1 Analog Audio Video Effect

R1_audio_distortion_video_effect_box from KORNTVED.

R1 analog audio video distortion effect box.

music: come to daddy [little lord faulteroy mix] by aphex twin

Cardboard Synth

Cardboard Synth from Konservendose.

You can make a synth out of just about anything. Konservendose used a cheap cardboard box with chewing gum paper for touch pads and synced LED lights.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

InkQuencer - SunFlower - Pong That Beat + Band of Rock Chairs

inkQuencer from Sebastian Thielke.

InkQuencer is a step-sequencer that plays music based on camera input. You can draw patterns on paper and then play back the pattern by holding the drawing in front of the laptop's camera. The program receives the images from the camera and draws a scaled down 32 by 30 pixel isometric version. On each beat from the metronome, the scrubber runs through a new column of pixels and plays a sound if the pixel is black.

InkQuencer is one Sebastian Rønde Thielke's projects at the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design [CIID].

SunFlower is an interesting music player/DJ app with a lot of possibilities...

Here is a test of SunFlower on an iPhone using Live View.

Pong That Beat is a sound generator driven by a bouncing ping pong ball using piezo pickups and Max/MSP. The collaborative project is the design of Thielke, Jonas Maanson, Anders Hoejmose, and Henrik Oevad.

Also check out Thielke's preliminary work on Band of Rock Chairs, a forthcoming installation of rocking chairs equipped with Nintendo Wiimote controllers that transmit tilt information to control the tempi of beats and melodies.

Audio Guillotine

Audio Guillotine from Benoit Maubrey.

The Audio Guillotine is an performance art piece consisting of a guillotine demolishing loudspeakers that are reproducing political statements and live sampled sounds.

Materials: guillotine (wood), loudspeakers, samplers.

The Audio Guillotine was brought to life by Benoit Maubrey. Check out for his previous sound-related works, including speaker sculptures, such as the Audio Igloo and Audio Suitcases, and wearable speaker outfits, like Audio Jackets, Guitar Monkeys and the Audio Peacock, an electoacoustic instrument shaped into a peacock's plumage.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Rolling Stone Hollywood & Highland Venue

Rolling Stone is branching out and opening its first US music venue at Hollywood & Highland in the Summer of 2010.

The more than 10,000-square-foot venue will feature a restaurant, bar, lounge and upscale private-event space designed by Brodin Design and backed by the Lucky Rug Group.

Tunable Sound Cloud

Tunable Sound Cloud _ responsive ceiling surface from Fishtnk.

Tunable Sound Cloud is a prototype modular ceiling structure designed to enhance the acoustics of lecture halls, music halls, commercial spaces and domestic environments in real-time. By controlling the openings of the acoustic cloud to adjust sound reflection and absorption, today's multi-purpose venues can fine-tune their acoustics to meet the absolute sound requirements for a specific sound performance.

"Interfaced through Grasshopper and Rhino modeling platforms, the ceiling structure of the Tunable Sound Cloud is controlled and adjusted to accommodate different acoustical settings.
Actuated with Arduino micro-controller and servo motors."

Tunable Sound Cloud is the Master’s dissertation project of Mani Mani at Daniels Faculty of Architecture, University of Toronto with Prof. Carol Moukheiber + Prof. Christos Marcopoulos.

More info:


surf from tons of land.

Thursday, December 3, 2009


NOISE212 VID001 from SolisMusicGroup.

Water Drop Sequencer

Water drop sequencer from Marten Bergkvist.

The Water drop sequencer is an interactive sound installation which creates sound by drops of water falling on suspended iron bars with piezo elements attached.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Study in Black, White, & Grey

Study in Black, White, & Grey from The Norman Conquest.

"Audio feedback creates visual trickery. The serpent eats its tail."

Best viewed in full screen [large].


Signal&Noise video art by Paulo R. C. Barros.