Thursday, January 28, 2010

Monorocket Mission6 Modular Synth Case

Tonight I put together the modular synth I'll be using in Miami.

I picked up this new Mission6 case from Shawn from Analogue Haven last night.

It was custom-built for me by Steve R from Monorocket. Thanks, Steve!

The construction is solid, and the dark red snakeskin looks great!

After a few hours of planning, screwing modules in place and patching cables like a mad scientist...

I was cranking out some super wild sounds. The delays in the new Tiptop Audio Z-DSP module are really amazing!

So good...


  1. Nice setup. Love that case. Nice selection of modules too. The HD is awesome.

  2. really nice case! so you're not using the plan b anymore?

  3. Cool setup. That case is wicked snazzy.

    Your setup is a lot smaller than the one you took to Australia. Is there a particular motivation for that?

  4. thanks guys. i still have the plan b model zero case, but it got thrashed by the baggage handlers over the 6 flights to, from and around australia last year. i love the size, but it's big enough that it has to be checked in when flying, and i just can't trust doing that again now. this new smaller mission6 case is the best size i could find for a eurorack modular synth i can travel with as a carry-on.

    also, the musical material for the upcoming miami set is a bit less "modular" so the smaller synth fits well. i used maybe half the modules in the plan b case for the australia show, and the more i use the modular, the more i find i can actually do more with fewer modules. of course, that hasn't stopped me from adding modules to my overall system though. quite the opposite! i've got a thing for portable suitcase synths...

  5. That looks like a lot of fun. We would have been out of our minds if we could have had that system on 11th.

  6. we were out of our minds anyway on 11th. the first time i really had a chance to mess with a semi-modular synth was there when jeremiah from 90 million changs crashed on the couch and brought his korg ms-20. i was completely blown away by it. i still am since i picked one up a couple years ago. yeah, i look at the modular synths now and wonder what we could have done with them way back when. scary.