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Thursday, March 25, 2010

TJ Milian "The Beginning" Miami Concert Photos

"the beginning" live concert in miami on 2/10/2010 was a whole lot of fun.

it was a night of love and celebration.

a way of saying "thank you" to my family.

reminiscing, reflecting.

memories of good times.

birth, family, birthdays, friends.

growing up.

the beginning, the first few years of my life in miami.

thanks, dad and mom, for everything.

and all my family for being there. then and now.

thanks also to judy, fiorella and nick at mater academy for making the night possible.

and to mark, mark and vinnie for playing, too.

vinnie singing "veronica" to veronica.

mark on keys and vocals.

mark on guitar singing "trying to understand."

it was great! thanks dad, alex, claudia, craig, veronica and everyone who took photos and video.

i love you guys!

check out my new flickr [slideshow] for more pics of the show.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Beginning Is Near

dear family and friends,

you're invited to a special gathering celebrating life as we know it.

tj milian

"the beginning"

american debut live performance

wednesday, february 10, 2010

6:00 pm

mater academy

7901 nw 103rd street

hialeah gardens, florida 33016

in just 3 days, i hope you'll join us for a fun night of musical and visual performance art. i will begin telling the story of my life and dreams, beginning with my conception, birth and first 12 years as a boy growing up in miami, florida.

this week we're celebrating my father's birthday. this is my gift to you, dad. happy birthday!

and wednesday is my birthday. it's my birthday, too, yeah!

the festivities begin at 6:00 pm on wednesday. please email me to let me know if you can make it. check back here soon for more info. see you soon in miami!

update: here are photos from "the beginning" show in miami on 2/10/2010.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Beginning Is Coming

i am excited to announce my first ever solo concert in america:

tj milian

the beginning


miami, florida, usa

this special night will double as the album release party celebrating the beginning, the first in a series of albums journeying through the story of my life and dreams.

plus, february 10, 2010 is my birthday! let's party!

so why am i announcing the concert and album 9 months in advance?

today marks the anniversary of my conception.

hi, mom. happy mother's day!

it was also on this same day, 21 years later, that the idea came to me to make this a reality. i have now been planning the beginning out on paper, on tape, on digital media and in my head for exactly 14 years, since 5/10/1995, the day i wrote the song "the beginning."

the seed has been planted. i've got a lot of work to do. the beginning is not recorded yet. so many bits and pieces, countless fragments of ideas... now it's time to put everything together and create something real and unreal.

how do you go about telling the story of your life? i'm still not exactly sure, but i've got 9 months to get it done. so often the hardest part about doing something is just deciding to actually do it.

i'm really looking forward to recording the beginning and sharing it with you. i hope you'll join me and my family and friends 9 months from today. see you in miami!

update: here are photos from the show!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

TJ Milian "The Beginning" Glitch Concert Photos

my first solo concert on saturday night was a blast!

28 february 2009

de:construction at glitch bar & cinema
in north fitzroy, melbourne, australia

the night really meant a lot to me. it fulfilled part of a dream i had 13 years ago: to begin to tell the story of my life and dreams.

before the beginning
the beginning
what do you want to be?
laser blast
wake up dreams
i will

plan b zero eurorack modular synth [module list soon]
macbook pro 2.53ghz
ableton live 7
livid union 2.5
soundtoys echoboy
livid instruments ohm wood
novation remote 25sl
korg kaoss kp3
korg nanopad black
bleep labs thingamagoop
motu ultralite-mk3
lacie rugged 320gb 7200rpm
3 circuit bent toy laser guns
zac keiller's guitar
boss ds-1
shure sm57

de:construction artists:
zac keiller
tj milian
abre ojos
electronic shaman

it was an honor and a pleasure to play with such unique and talented artists. the all-in jam at the end was great!

thanks to all who helped make the show a reality: my family and friends, the de:constuction artists, especially abre ojos for setting up the gig, essylt for the pics, everyone who helped with gear and software at the last minute, everyone who made it to the show, everyone who spread the word, so many to thank...

thank you!

this is the beginning... and there's much more to come...

Saturday, February 28, 2009

TJ Milian "The Beginning" Debut Live Concert Melbourne Australia

the time has finally come...

i am proud to announce my debut solo live concert:

tj milian

"the beginning"

debut live performance

sat 28 feb 2009

glitch bar & cinema

318 st georges rd

north fitzroy, melbourne, australia

these are exciting times! this concert is a long time in the making. i have been planning it for 13 years.

the show will be a visual music journey through the story of my life and dreams. "the beginning" is the adventure of how i came to be. it actually starts before the beginning. i will perform with vocals [singing + spoken word] and play a variety of instruments, including a custom eurorack modular analog synth, guitar and circuit bent toys while triggering a video backdrop live.

for those unfamiliar with my music, you can listen to one of my songs: i will. my music has been distributed in a very limited fashion. i have sold only one single copy of my music by design. i released my first solo album, one hand tied behind my back, last year as a box set on ebay to my #1 fan who will have exclusive access to its content until the album's full release on the 13th of june in the year 2013.

i previously recorded 3 twisted electroacoustic soundscape albums as part of the duo hypha. we released the albums by hiding copies in various locations around the world during our travels starting in 1999. so far you can't buy or download a hypha album. it must be found.

the concert on the 28th of february is part of de:construction, a night of experimental music ranging from circuit bent glitch to modular drone and from guitar feedback to ambient journeys.

de:construction lineup:

electronic shaman - strange zombie howls

scratchplate - from delicate to chainsaw guitar

tj milian - custom modular synth, guitar and circuit bent toys

zac keiller - sunsets and emotive guitar

abre ojos - space odyssey modular drones and vision

gid - innovative eyeball baking visuals

after our solo sets, the 6 of us, who have never performed together, will jam as a group at the end in an all-in brawl. $5. doors open at 7:30pm and the concert starts at 8:00.

hope to see you there! please help us spread the word!

Update: next show: the beginning 2/10/2010 miami

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Califaudio One Year

I just noticed that today marks the one-year anniversary of Califaudio.


What is Califaudio?

I've been trying to figure that out over the past year. From the list of Califaudio posts in Blogger, it looks like I've posted 450 mini-articles on a variety of sound-related topics:
and a lot of other crazy stuff...

On Califaudio you'll find plenty of embedded videos from youtube, vimeo and that highlight artists and projects which I think are pushing the envelope in terms of sound, science and art.

I've also documented some of my own experiments in sound here, many of which became my first [13th] solo album, One Hand Tied Behind My Back. I plan to post many more of my audio adventures in 2009. If you're into experimental noise, you can look forward to lots of modular analog synth voyages.

Here's a quick clip from a modular synth tweak session this morning:

Stay tuned for some new features coming soon. Subscribe to Califaudio here.

I want to thank all those who have helped spread the word about Califaudio over the past year, including matrixsynth,,, synthtopia, analogsuicide, looknowhere, flyingpudding, wassonii, failed muso, comment gold, make, and many others, especially my friends and family. Thank you!

My thoughts now echo the ones I had a year ago today...

Thanks for visiting Califaudio.

The State of Music - Sound + Noise.

Update 12/29/08: Check out these pics of the one and only "One Hand" box and cast sent to me today by my #1 fan in celebration of Califaudio's first birthday:

Thanks so much!