Saturday, March 30, 2013

Synth Explosion - Flipboard Magazine

I created a Flipboard magazine full of photos of synthesizers. It's called Synth Explosion.

The Flipboard app is a highly visual way to flip through Twitter and other social networks. The new "create your own magazine" feature is easy. If you have the new version of Flipboard on iPad/iPhone, you can find Synth Explosion here:

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Monday, December 10, 2012

Audiobus iOS App

Audiobus is now live on the App Store. The iOS app allows audio streaming between iOS apps. It will let you play a synth app through an effects app and route the audio to a DAW app for recording. Many apps are supported and more will be added.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Jesse Kenas Collins: Intensity Of

Intensity of from Jesse Kenas Collins.

Live documentation of a solo set by Jesse Kenas Collins.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Serge Popcorn

Popcorn from Rastko Lazic.

Live improvisation on a Serge modular synth.

via quadslope

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Friday, April 8, 2011

Exclusive Interview: Ilan Rubin - Speak Through The White Noise

Ilan Rubin is riding high.

Following successful tours behind the drums with Nine Inch Nails and Lostprophets, Rubin locked himself in the studio and re-emerged as The New Regime.

Now at age 22, Ilan Rubin has released his second solo album as The New Regime entitled Speak Through the White Noise.

Here Ilan Rubin offers insight into how he crafted the album.

CALIFAUDIO: Ilan, congrats on the release of Speak Through The White Noise. The album is really great. Which songs came most naturally?

ILAN RUBIN: Writing each of the songs was a natural process because I never force myself to write or complete anything. In fact if something isn't coming to me at the moment I'll leave it and get back to it later because I don't want to get used to a part that I know I'll just rewrite later.

CA: What's the most challenging aspect of being a one-man band?

IR: The most challenging thing about being a one-man band takes place in the live setting more than in does during the recording process. Sometimes it can be difficult finding people who handle their responsibilities properly as pieces of a unit. The recording process is always seamless and enjoyable.

CA: Where did you record Speak Through The White Noise?

IR: Speak Through The White Noise was recorded in quite a few locations. Tracks were recorded at Red Bull studios, Signature Sound in San Diego, my little home studio, and a song was completed by emailing files back and forth on tour.

Speak Through The White Noise by The New Regime

CA: I enjoyed reading the commentary you posted throughout the album on SoundCloud and wish more artists would share the details of their recording process this way.
Let's talk gear. What mics and preamps did you use?

IR: Thank you. Aside from what was done at Red Bull studios and at Signature Sound, we recorded with what was available at my house. I have a pair of Vintech x73 mic pres and two Distressors and those were used for everything. A Shure SM7b was used for vocals and depending on the guitar amps being used Royer 121's, Sennheiser 421's, Shure SM57's, and the SM7b were used.

CA: What was your drum kit of choice for the album?

IR: The drum sets I used for the album were mutt sets with the best sounding pieces of other sets. For example I used a 1968 Ludwig silver sparkle 16x16 floor tom, the 14x10 and 18x16 toms from the black OCDP NIN set, a black sparkle 26x16 OCDP bass drum, and a variety of snare drums ranging from black beauties to a 14x8 Tama wood snare drum.

CA: How about your favorite keyboards?

IR: The keyboard used most frequently was a Moog Voyager. I used a microkorg briefly before I upgraded to the Moog and ended redoing some parts but the microkorg is still a fun little instrument to play around with.

CA: The sequenced bass line in "Live In Fear" was created with a Doepfer MAQ 16/3 sequencer and a Doepfer A-111 VCO through a Harvestman Polivoks filter. How else did you use modular synths?

IR: Modular synths were used quite a bit on this album but they were entirely sequenced based for rhythmic purposes. I didn't control the modular with a keyboard and play it. I would control the pitch with the first row of the sequencer and use the other CV outs to manipulate other parameters. Also, I used a The Harvestman module a lot called the Stilton Adapter which allows you to insert up to 4 effects pedals at a time. So the bass in the chorus of Radiate The False for example is actually a modular synth sequence with an inserted Fender Blender fuzz to complete the sound. Other pulsing rhythms, drones, and the occasional noise were done with the modular as well.

CA: There's a ton of Roland Space Echo, both the old RE-201 tape echo and the new RE-20 pedal. What draws you to the sound of the Space Echo?

IR: I love the space (no pun intended) these echo units fill out. The reverb they produce is very dark and the sounds add an eeriness which I love. I thoroughly enjoy both the RE-201 and the RE-20 pedal although they do sound different. The feedback produced on the RE-201 is much more useable and the effect itself is a bit more tame while the pedal is more harsh and has a light rasp to it when its overdriven which is great.

CA: Is it true you've made your own guitar pedals?

IR: I went a little crazy for a few weeks and obsessed over building pedal kits. I assembled the PCBs, soldered everything, painted them, and tried out different mods occasionally. I plan on getting into designing some circuits when I can find the time.

CA: Any upcoming plans for The New Regime?

IR: All gears have been shifted to looking for the right tours. I'm very eager to get these songs out into a live atmosphere.

CA: Thanks for your time.

IR: My pleasure.